Safe Sunscreens Without All the Chemicals That Can Irritate Eczema and Sensitive Skin

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If you're going to be out in the sun for a prolonged period, it's important to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

It's important to help our kids avoid skin damage since even as few as 5 sunburns put us at greater risk for skin cancer later in life. 

But you're probably wondering about all the chemicals in them. 

Are they safe? Especially for babies and kids? 

The Environmental Working Group reports that at least a quarter of the sunscreens they tested would have been...

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Acupressure Points for Calming a Child's Anxiety without Drugs

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Anxiety is increasingly common in children and teens today. Over 4 million children in the United States between ages 3 and 17  are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and many more suffer from anxiety.

According to the CDC website:

When children do not outgrow the fears and worries that are typical in young children, or when there are so many fears and worries that they interfere with school, home, or play activities, the child may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Examples of...

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Chinese Medicine Germ Theory

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Coronavirus (and other pathogens) are scary. COVID-19, in particular, has already killed thousands worldwide and infected over a million.

It's a tragedy that people have lost their lives, and we ought to do everything we can to mitigate its spread.

It's important to follow the health guidelines you receive from your local government officials to help keep yourself and your family safe.

But... in this video, I share a coronavirus perspective you may not have heard.

A piece of the conversation...

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AcuPatching™ = Taking AcuPressure to the Next Level

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AcuPatching™ combines the power of acupuncture point stimulation with the benefits of light therapy in a painless "acupatch" that's perfect for everyday, at-home care.

With a whole line of patches that initiate biochemical responses that promote health and wellness, AcuPatching™ is perfect for people of all ages. Watch this video to learn what AcuPatching™ is, what it does, how it works, and why I recommend it to all my acupuncture patients. 

Video Transcript

Today I'm...

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Two Powerful Acupoints for Immunity

Acu Points for immunity.jpeg

In this video, I will teach you two of the BEST, most POWERFUL acupuncture points (or acupoints) for immunity. 

These acupoints strengthen Wei Qi, a similar concept as the immune system in Western medicine, so the body will be better equipped to stay well and fight off illness.

If you do succumb to illness, you can also use these acupoints during your recovery to address post-viral fatigue and lingering respiratory symptoms. 

There are 2 ways to stimulate these acupuncture points at...

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Earaches and Ear Infection Home Remedies that Work Even When Antibiotics Don't


What home remedy can I use for an ear infection that is safe and effective to help avoid antibiotics?

I recently had a 5-year-old patient, Ryder, come in with a ruptured eardrum that required surgery, but before he could have the surgery he needed to clear a recalcitrant bacterial and fungal infection.

The infection had been going about 4 months, but the last 2 months it was chronic, severe, and not responding to antibiotics or antifungal medications. He would wake up in the morning with...

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Acupuncture Points for Reducing Fever without Drugs

AcuPoints for Fever.png

Acupoint stimulation offers a safe, effective treatment option for treating a fever at home naturally without medication.

A child has a fever if their temperate is 100.4°F (38°C) or above. Fever of 102°F (38.9°C) and under can generally be managed without medication.

If possible, I recommend avoiding drugs like, Tylenol or Advil, unless a child is in severe discomfort, pain or is delirious. 

Research studies show there is an association between early life intake of...

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5 Ways to Flu Proof Your Kids Naturally


 With all the media coverage exploding over the flu epidemic that’s sweeping the nation, it got me asking "What can we do to “flu proof” our kids?"

It’s impossible to keep our kids away from germs.

Look away for two seconds and they’re putting their fingers in their mouth, sucking the handle of the shopping cart, wiping their noses on the back of their hand, picking up dirty bird feathers or putting someone else’s gum in their mouth (ewwww!).


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AcuPatching to Reduce Stress & Boost Immunity

Phototherapy to Reduce Stress and Boost Immunity (1).png

Stress is a part of life. 

I’m sure you’ve had a time in your life that was stressful, say an intense deadline for a project. And as soon as you finished your project, you immediately got sick!

It's a universal truth that we’re more prone to illness when life is crazy busy. 

But, we often don’t think of our kids as being stressed until they get a little older and into their teens. However, stress can even affect babies. I can’t think of a more stressful...

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Points to Increase Glutathione Naturally and Boost Immunity

Glutathione Patches (3).png

Parents ask me all the time, "What else can I do to boost my child's immune system?"

Once kids are back in school they're constantly being exposed to germs. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. But what makes one person more vulnerable to germs than others?

The strength of your immune system! 

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) germ theory; germs don’t make you sick.  Rather, your body’s inability to fend off germs and...

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