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Are you dreading the cold and flu season? Of course, you want to avoid germs, but maybe you’re concerned about exposing your child to chemicals in hand sanitizers and cleaners?

It’s not like kids make it easy either.

They’re magnetically attracted to every germy, dirty thing. Whether it’s eating food off the floor or sharing a drink with their buddy — they’re going to get exposed to germs whether we like it or not.

But, we have a choice in how we view this behavior and that makes the differ…

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When You've hit a Wall with Your Child's Health

When You’ve hit a Wall with Your Child’s Health Thumbnail

One thing I know about children suffering from illness is that the road to wellness is not always smooth.

At some point, you’ll hit some speed bumps and it will feel like you’ve taken a couple steps back. Or you just hit a wall and nothing is working.

Our worries can turn into an obsession with our child’s health. We can spend late nights searching the internet for solutions or taking them to doctor after doctor trying desperately to find an answer, any answer.

ALL because we LOVE them so muc…

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Is this food triggering asthma, allergy, eczema or digestive symptoms?

What is the food trigger

When it comes to resolving asthma, eczema, allergies and digestive problems, one of the common mistakes that parents make is not trusting that a food is a trigger.

When I talk to Moms most of the time they think they know what their child’s triggers are. They may narrow it down to a few foods.

But, no one wants to unnecessarily remove a food from their child’s diet. Isn’t it enough to reduce a trigger food? And what if the trigger food is healthy? What do you do then? Watch the video below to …

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The REAL Reason Kids Crave Sugar and Refined Carbs!

Are your children craving sugar and carbs?

It can be so frustrating to deal with their addiction because they will beg, plead, and even wear us down until we give in! Sound familiar? You are not alone!! So, what is the real cause of sugar & carb addiction? That’s what I’ll be addressing in the video below!

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Pediatric Gua Sha or Scraping Massage

RRG Gua Sha for Immunity Video Cover

Pediatric Gua Sha, also known as Scraping Massage is one of my favorite techniques to use for kids ages 5 and up. Kids love this technique because it feels so good. It’s great for treating allergies, flu, coughs, colds and fever and most kids respond really quickly, especially when used in addition to regular pediatric acupuncture treatments.

What is Gua Sha, or Scraping Massage?

Don’t be afraid of the name, scraping massage feels really good! Most kids love it and once they know what it is, m…

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Acupressure for Allergy Eyes

It can be miserable to have itchy, red, irritated or swollen eyes.  You just want to itch and rub which generally makes the problem even worse!  These symptoms are usually caused by allergies, pink eye (conjunctivitis), blepharitis (eye lid infection/inflammation) or styes. I’m going to share with you a few remedies and techniques to help your eyes heal faster so you can stop saying to yourself, “Don’t rub!”

Acupressure Points for Any Type of Eye Problems

Ok, I know I just said not to rub, but…

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VIDEO: Healing Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids

Show Notes:

Q: What is Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)?

A:  There are a constellation of symptoms that occur when children and adults are removed from nature.  It can manifest as physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual issues. Children are affected more so than adults and when deprived of nature throughout childhood it can affect them their entire lives. It is also a "spectrum" disorder with a wide range of severity.

Q: How does a parent know if their child has Nature Deficit Di…

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VIDEO: The Truth About Herb Safety for Kids with Cara Frank

Video Notes:

Q: How do we know the herbs we are giving our kids are safe?

A: We only purchase from companies who test for bacteria, pesticides and metals, molds fungus, etc. We also do a visual ID and make sure they are good quality and we purchase organic when available.  

Q: How can parents be sure they are purchasing good quality herbs?

A: Make sure you purchase herbs with a  cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) certified rating.  

Q: What about herbs and nursing?

A: I would re…

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VIDEO: Pediatric Acupuncture: Why Kids Love it & What it's Really Like!


Video Notes

Kids and Needles?

Many kids are leery of needles and naturally want to avoid the pain of a shot or blood draw, which is totally understandable! Fortunately, pediatric acupuncture is completely different than a shot! Because acupuncture needles are so different than hypodermic needles, we call them “taps.”

Taps are hair-fine pediatric needles that create a virtually painless experience.

The term “tap” references the rubbing and tapping that is done to desensitize the point b…

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