Tap into the Power of Chinese Medicine to Address Your Child's Illness Naturally

Coaching, AcuPatching™, & Herbs for Parents that Want Alternative Solutions When Western Medicine Isn't Working 


Address the Root of the Problem
Stimulate Natural Healing Mechanisms
Remedies that Work with the Body

 Are you frustrated by Western Medicine's Lack of Answers?

It's hard enough watching your child struggle. What makes it even worse is that not all your options for healing are being explored. Instead of getting help, you're left on your own to try and figure out how to help your child.

Maybe this sounds familiar...

  • You should wait for your child "outgrow it"
  • Your child is frequently ill and misses out  
  • Nothing you've tried has really worked
  • You feel your doctor has done all he can
  • Medications are just covering their symptoms
  • You're worried about them getting worse

Restore Your Child's Health with Chinese Medicine & AcuPatching™ 

  Bring your child's body back into balance to promote wellness.

Step 1
Identify Imbalances Causing the Issue

We'll look at your child's illness through the lens of Chinese Medicine to figure out the root cause of the imbalances that are making them ill.

Step 2
Address them Naturally

We'll use a combination of Chinese Medicine, herbs, and AcuPatching to address the root cause of the imbalances in a way with works with the body.

Step 3
Restore Optimal Health

Once the underlying imbalances are corrected and our innate healing mechanisms take over, the body heals itself.

I understand how frustrating it is to watch your child suffer

When my son was little, he had chronic eczema that Western Medicine was unable to treat. It was Chinese Medicine that finally healed him. 

Inspired by my son, I've used Chinese medicine and AcuPatching™ to help thousands of children find lasting solutions to health problems when Western medicine wasn't enough.

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"I have had the honor of knowing Robin for many many years. Her unique blend of expertise and compassion in treating children with Chinese medicine provides tremendous practical support for parents navigating the ups and downs of raising children."



~ Stephen Cowan, MD

Author of Fire Child Water Child 
Director: TournesolKids.org

3 Ways to Work with Us

So many kids are sick with frequent illnesses and Western medicine just isn’t enough. I'll help you find the right Chinese medicine and AcuPatching™ solutions to help with your child's unique situation.

1. Wellness Coaching Sessions

We'll discuss your child's health concerns and help you determine the right strategy to address their issue.

Book Your Coaching Session

2. AcuPatching™ Sessions

We'll meet on video and develop your AcuPatching strategy. Includes 10 FREE patches to get you started.

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3. Herbal Medicine Tinctures

Check out our complete line of pediatric herbal tinctures that safely address common childhood ailments.

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Wellness Coaching & AcuPatching™ Fees

30-Minute Wellness Coaching


per session

Best for helping one child and develop your unique strategy!


AcuPatching Session


per session

A 30-minute strategy session and includes 10 LifeWave phototherapy patches for free!

60-Minute Wellness Coaching


per session

For more complicated issues or to help more than one child.

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“I’m always amazed at the progress that my family makes after a check in with Robin. When I started the AcuPatching suggestions for my baby girl's digestive issues, she finally was able to tolerate solid foods. For the last 2 nights now, I have been able let her eat at dinner and she slept comfortably instead of waking up multiple times an hour crying and fussy 🤗🤗🤗🤗. Thank you thank you! ”

Registered Nurse, Mother of 6

Robin Green Acupuncture, Inc. © 2020

“Robin is more than a wellness coach, she is a life hacker!! When we first encountered Robin, we were a hot mess. I had stomach issues, my husband had allergies, and our two children were irritable and constantly sick. Robin met with us, listened to our ills, and calmly helped us understand how to improve our lifestyle through diet and AcuPatching. ”

English Professor, Mother of 2

Isn't it time to find lasting solutions to your child's illness?

Click the button and book your 30-minute Wellness Coaching Call with Robin.

30-Minute Wellness Coaching Session
We offer wellness coaching for adults and children.

“I feel so grateful for all Robin has done for myself and my two daughters. Our lives have changed so much for the better! We are healthier and calmer than we ever have been. Our AcuPatching experience came because of Robin and it has kept us healthy in this pandemic time. I can't thank Robin enough for all she has done for my family!”

NICU Nurse, Mother of Two