Healthy Guts

The #1 Factor that's Usually Overlooked in Chronic Pediatric Ailments

Since I joined the team as the adult and pediatric health specialist at Detox Rejuvenation I've been having a lot of conversations with parents.

Many of these parents are doing all the right things…Maybe you can relate to this?

They've already gone gluten-free and dairy-free, they don't let their kids eat sugar. They don't eat a bunch of preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. They don’t let their kids eat Takis even when they beg!

They're eating organic.

They're very carefully choosing…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Gut Flora Healthy



Here are just a few of the things you can do at home to support healthy gut flora:


#1 Eat a fiber rich diet

Make sure to eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Think a 5 - 10 servings each day.  

#2 Avoid Processed Foods and Fast Foods

Processed, pre-made, and prepackaged foods are full of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These chemicals are really hard on our gut flora and will negatively impact them. There isn't a single item on a fast food menu that doesn'…

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6 Amazing Things Your Gut Flora Does to Keep You Healthy

Gut Flora

Gut flora are the symbiotic or beneficial bacteria that live in our gut. Gut flora are often referred to as probiotics and you have a few trillion living in your gut right now. Because gut flora play such an important role in our overall health, some scholars liken our gut flora to a “forgotten organ.” 

Here are 6 Amazing Things Gut Flora Does:


#1 Gut flora play a key role in nutrition by synthesizing B vitamins and vitamin K.

That's right! These little guys actually help make some of the …

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