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Day 4 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset (1)

Day 4 is all about boosting our immunity!


This is the perfect time of year to give our immune system some extra support. As we gather for the holidays, we share the love and the germs!

Everything is amplified during the holidays - the good and the bad! Also, most of us are eating more sugar and other foods that we limit the rest of the year and this can also affect our immune system.

Regardless of the source, extra stress leaves us more vulnerable to catching a cold or flu.

Make sure that…

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Day 3 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset Day 3

Day 3 is all about supporting the digestive system!

In my opinion, this could be the most important day of the reset. Our energy and vitality are dependent upon the nutrient density of the food we eat AND our ability to absorb the nutrients from our food.

If one or the other goes wrong, we can feel tired, lack stamina, have poor immunity or problems with our digestion.

This time of year our digestive system is easily overtaxed with sweets, alcohol and all the goodies of the holidays. 

I star…

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Day 2 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset Day 2

Day 1 was a smashing success! I felt more relaxed and a lot more energy than I had in weeks! I even got up early this morning and went for a run with my personal trainer (aka my dog Ginger). 

On Day 2 we are now balancing the Fire Element and a couple of associated meridians - Triple Burner (TB) and Pericardium (PC), which helps with emotional balancing. You can learn more about the fire element here.

When a person has a balanced Fire element they experience a variety of emotions, but don't ge…

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Day 1 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset

We loaded our pod yesterday for our move to Idaho!! It's been pretty intense getting ready for the move and I am ready for a reset!

But, I don't have time just yet to do a cleanse or something intense like Whole 30, so I decided to do a 5-day Meridian Reset to balance and open all of the acupuncture meridians or energy pathways.

In Chinese Medicine, when your meridians are blocked or stagnant it creates pain and/or illness.

That's the last thing I need before the big day. Even though we're or…

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Pediatric Gua Sha or Scraping Massage

RRG Gua Sha for Immunity Video Cover

Pediatric Gua Sha, also known as Scraping Massage is one of my favorite techniques to use for kids ages 5 and up. Kids love this technique because it feels so good. It’s great for treating allergies, flu, coughs, colds and fever and most kids respond really quickly, especially when used in addition to regular pediatric acupuncture treatments.

What is Gua Sha, or Scraping Massage?

Don’t be afraid of the name, scraping massage feels really good! Most kids love it and once they know what it is, m…

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Acupressure for Allergy Eyes

It can be miserable to have itchy, red, irritated or swollen eyes.  You just want to itch and rub which generally makes the problem even worse!  These symptoms are usually caused by allergies, pink eye (conjunctivitis), blepharitis (eye lid infection/inflammation) or styes. I’m going to share with you a few remedies and techniques to help your eyes heal faster so you can stop saying to yourself, “Don’t rub!”

Acupressure Points for Any Type of Eye Problems

Ok, I know I just said not to rub, but…

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Acupressure for Styes, Allergy Eyes, Pink Eye and other Eye Problems

allergy-eye-acupressure (1)

Eyelid Infection[/caption] It can be miserable for all parties when your child has itchy, red, irritated or swollen eyes.  Kids want to itch and rub their eyes which generally makes the problem worse. These symptoms are usually caused by allergies, pink eye (conjunctivitis), blepharitis (eyelid infection/inflammation) or styes. I’m going to share with you a few remedies and techniques to help your child’s eyes heal faster so you can stop saying, “Don’t rub!”


Acupressure Points for Any Type…

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2 Easy Ways to Beat Stress and Anxiety


For many families, social and academic issues related to school are the biggest sources of stress. When under stress, your child may start acting out, become irritable, moody, or start having stress-related symptoms like low appetite, stomachaches, headaches, or difficulty sleeping.  

How Stress Manifests According to the Five Element Types

Every child will manifest the effects of stress differently according to his or her Five Element type. The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and …

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Acupressure and Massage for Bedwetting in Children - Reader Q & A


Reader Question:

My seven year old son suffers from frequent bedwetting. He finds it really embarrassing and is afraid to spend the night at anyone else's house. Do you have any suggestions for treating this with Chinese medicine?

A: How to Treat Bedwetting with Acupressure and Massage

In Chinese Medicine, the most common cause of bedwetting is due to an imbalance in the Water element. The Water element corresponds to the kidneys and urinary bladder.  When out of balance, a child will usually…

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Acupressure 101: How to do Acupressure on Your Kids

Acu 101

Have you ever wondered how pressing a point on your body has a healing effect?

For instance, how can a point on your hand treat a headache?  Or a point on your leg can treat digestive problems?  Is it possible that something this simple could be so powerful?  

Your Energetic system

While acupressure may seem strange at first, when you understand the energetic system of your body it all makes sense. What is this energetic system? It’s a foundational concept in one of the oldest forms of medici…

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