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Hi there! I'm Robin Ray Green and I work with patients all over the world to help resolve their child's health issues when Western medicine isn't enough


You may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or not sure what your next step is, but ONE thing you do know is that there has to be a better way to help your child!

When you want to get to the root of the problem, but get virtually no guidance from doctors beyond symptom management and medications it can be challenging!

Perhaps you’ve tried different remedies and made some dietary changes but you’re not seeing significant results. You want to know what the right steps are for your child because the one-size-fits-all-solutions aren’t working.

I know how frustrating that is because I work with children who have these same issues. By the time they come and see me they’ve hit a wall and aren't making much progress to resolve their child's illness! 

The good news is that Chinese medicine can help!

I’ve spent the last 16 years using the oldest holistic medicine system in existence - traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I combine the wisdom of TCM with modern tools like phototherapy acupatching and functional medicine to help my patients become symptom free!

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Here's How How I can Help

I offer two types of remote sessions depending on your child's needs.

If you just want advice to help you figure out what's next then the Holistic Advice Line is perfect for you.

Or, if want holistic advice plus energetic support to clear the blocks that are keeping you or your child stuck, then check out the Remote Energy Clearing sessions. Read below to learn about each type of session.

#1 Holistic Advice Line Calls

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Have questions or need help with your child's health problem, but want a holistic perspective?

Help is just a phone call away! I will provide you with a fresh, holistic perspective on your child's health problem. I'll help you find clarity and guide you on your next steps. Plus, there's no first time appointment fees. You just  book your 15-, 30-, or 60-minute call with me and we'll dive right in.

Here's what the Holistic Advice Line is for:

  • Holistic advice for common kids problems
  • Food and dietary recommendations
  • Acupressure and Phototherapy patching prescriptions
  • Herbal medicine and supplement recommendations
  • Parenting advice and support

Fees: $45 - $170 depending on your call length

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#2 Remote Healing Sessions

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Feeling emotionally or physically stuck on your healing journey and want holistic advice? 

If you're looking to clear physical or emotional energy that is blocking you from healing and want more than just positive thinking then remote energy clearing is perfect for you. Plus, I will combine the power of energy clearing with holistic advice to supercharge the healing process.

Here's what we do in a remote session:

  • Meridian energy reading to find stagnant energy
  • Meridian energy clearing
  • Emotional and belief clearing
  • Plus the same holistic advice as in the Holistic Advice Line 
  • Includes email follow up and written treatment plan

Fees: $168 - $338 depending on your session