Energy Enhancers Increase Energy & Reduce Fatigue

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Energy Enhancer patches reflect particular wavelengths of light, which stimulate specific points on the skin that increase energy production in the cells.

This is known as beta-oxidation.

Because beta-oxidation burns fat it produces more than twice the energy of carbohydrate burning, this is the most effective and natural way to increase overall energy.

Here are some additional uses for Energy Enhancer patches: 

  • increase energy
  • increase general endurance
  • increase athletic endurance
  • reduce fatigue
  • reduce muscle soreness

AcuPatching™ with Energy Enhancers may also help with:

  • nausea
  • acid reflux
  • improving digestion
  • strengthening and tonifying organ systems in Chinese medicine
  • reducing bloating
  • reducing phlegm
  • promoting healthy lung function (cough, asthma, wheezing) 

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Learn about the different patching placements for Energy Enhancer patches here:

Video: Energy Enhancer Patch Placement