Recording of Clear the Fear & Rebalance Emotions

with AcuPatching & Energy Clearing

An Uplifting Event with Robin Ray Green & Tiffany Powers


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Has your life been turned upside down by the global pandemic? 

Regular routines are out of whack. Trying to work from home only adds to the stress. There's so much uncertainty, it's no wonder most of us are in "cope mode"

Many people are struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, fear, and anger. And kids are feeling it, too! 

Clear the Fear 1

Maybe you’ve noticed that your child is:

  • More angry, irritable, or defiant
  • Having mood swings 
  • Withdrawn and not staying in touch with friends
  • Sad and disconnected
  • Down and depressed
  • Overly sensitive

And maybe you’re experiencing some of these things as well? 

Robin and Tiffany are here to help! We hope you’ll join us for an evening that will lift your spirits and release blocks so you can move forward, feeling lighter and more emotionally balanced.

Watch the Recording of this Uplifting Event Where They’ll Share how: 

  • The pandemic affects children and manifests emotionally based on their 5-Element nature.
  • How empathic kids are soaking up the negative that is prevalent today.
  • How to do AcuPatching and acupressure to balance emotions and stress
  • How to use the healing power of crystals for emotional balance

Experience Energy Clearing lead by Tiffany

In watching the replay, you'll be experience the energy clearing that we did. Tiffany will lead you to clear emotions associated with the five elements: anger, anxiety, worry, grief, and fear.  Energy clearing helps release stuck emotions, energy blocks, and feelings that perpetuate fear and anxiety! 

If you've haven't experienced this before, you're in for a real treat! 

Your Hosts for the Event

Robin headshot 2020.png

Robin Ray Green, L.Ac, MTCM, is an acupuncturist, author, speaker, and wellness coach that specializes in pediatrics.

Robin is one of the leading experts in pediatric acupuncture and has been training acupuncturists to work with kids since 2013. She helps parents learn to use Chinese Medicine at home so they can find lasting solutions to their child's health issue… especially when Western medicine isn’t enough.

She is the founder of, which uses an innovative technique that helps relieve symptoms for a wide variety of ailments without pills or prescriptions.

In addition, she is a published HayHouse author and her book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids is available at all major bookstores and online at

Tiffany Powers.png

Tiffany Powers, Intuitive Energy Healings, Readings, & Business Coach

Tiffany Powers is becoming known as one of the most talented intuitives and healers in the world. She has worked with hundreds of clients from the United States as well as other countries. She is naturally gifted with the abilities to see, hear, feel, and to know things intuitively. She’s is trained to remotely connect with anyone in any location and get very clear guidance pertaining to their life and situation.

She is hired by top medical professionals, government professionals, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs for her incredible and accurate readings on a variety of areas including business, love, finances, as well as identifying blocks that she can see in her clients. She is known for her compassion, non-judgement, and ability to give honest and accurate information to her clients.

Her services include intuitive readings, intuitive healing sessions, business coaching, relationship coaching, as well as intuitive development. She is also able to provide healing for families and children.