Are you looking for a way to heal your skin from the inside out?

heal Your Skin from the inside out

Topical products can only go so far in helping restore skin to a more youthful state or addressing wounds that just aren't healing.

As the saying goes, not even the greatest surgeon can heal a wound, only the body can.

LifeWave patches are the world's first technology that naturally activates our body's production of important peptides that have a dramatic impact on our skin.

The X39 patch is designed to initiate the body's production of GHK-cu peptide, which activates and mobilizes stem cells in order to restore them to their more youthful state.

Stem cells go to sites of injury and inflammation and start tissue repair. They also help with collagen synthesis, anti-aging effects on the skin as well as other benefits such as increased energy levels and improved sleep quality.

Because of all the benefits listed above, the X39 patch is typically worn during the day. If your goal is rejuvenating your skin, then we recommend wearing the Alavida patch at night.

The Alavida Regenerating Trio heals your skin from the inside out and outside in!

The Alavida Regenerating Trio will give you healthier-looking skin while helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines naturally-- without surgery or injections! It is the most advanced technology in skincare today.

The skincare products are clinically proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, increase hydration levels, and restore elasticity. The Alavida patch worn at night, reduces oxidative stress, improving skin's radiance.

You can use the patch nightly on any area of concern like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, or even stretch marks!

Learn more about how it works and the clinical studies on the Alavida system.

You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients because the patches are non-transdermal and skincare products are 100% natural.

And did we mention it works fast?

In just 30 days most people see results that are visible enough for anyone to notice. 

Click here now to order LifeWave X39 patches and Alavida Regenerating Trio today!


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