Healthy Online School Ep. 1: Protecting Your Child from the Negative Effects of Excessive Screen Time

With millions of children learning virtually, it's creating new challenges for parents and kids.

In this episode, I share simple, easy to implement tips to help reduce the impact and relieve:

  • Eye strain and dry eyes
  • Excess blue light exposure causing issues with circadian rhythms
  • Easy set up tips for good posture to prevent pain and headaches
Plus I cover:
  • Acupressure points
  • AcuPatching strategies for eyes, pain, and focus
  • How to set up a  school workstation that supports health and learning.

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In episode 2 next Tuesday, I'll be joined by Dr. Suzy McCleary to discuss how to maximize attention for online learning.

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Video Disclaimer:

The information provided in this video is for general informational purposes ONLY not a substitute for health care, medical or nutritional advice of any kind. Syntony Wellness Inc. (“Company”) and Robin Green are not responsible for any loss, property damage, death, or bodily injury, based directly or indirectly from the use or interpretation of any information contained in this video.

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Sheryl May

Hi Robin. Please could you warn parents about letting kids use devices while they are connected to a charging station. Last night, I happened to touch my son's cheek while he was on my Iphone connected to the charger and I could feel a buzzing sensation. When he put the phone down it stopped but when he picked it up again he started buzzing again. It was crazy, like his body was connected to the charger too. 

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