Natural Tips to Protect Your Lungs from Smoke & Air Pollution

Those most impacted by the smoky air from the recent wild fires are adults with chronic medical conditions and children. Especially children that have a history of asthma.

Once air quality reaches unhealthy levels we’re all affected to some degree or another.

In this video, I'll share with you simple, daily things you can do to:

  1. Detoxify from smoke
  2. Protect Your lungs
  3. Relieve symptoms like cough, chest tightness

And I’m going to teach you how to do it naturally, in a way that works with your body

Video Disclaimer

The information provided in this video is for general informational purposes ONLY not a substitute for health care, medical or nutritional advice of any kind.  Syntony Wellness Inc. (“Company”) and Robin Green are not responsible for any loss, property damage, death, or bodily injury, based directly or indirectly from the use or interpretation of any information contained in this webinar.

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