QUIZ: Find Out How Balanced Your Wood Element Is


What is the Wood Element?

In the Five Element System, The Wood Element is the most yang. Yang represents active, expansive, light, hot, and outward energy. It's no surprise that Wood corresponds to spring - a time of growth and expansion as seeds sprout, trees and plants grow, and animals give birth to and nurture their young.

Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Wood

The emotion anger is associated with the Wood Element and while many of us think of anger as a bad thing it's actually a normal and healthy emotion. As long as we don't get stuck there! When we're angry enough about something we have to take action and changes things! So, anger, when channeled, provides the catalyst for change. Forgiveness is another aspect of the Wood Element that needs to be nurtured and released in the springtime. If there's any past or current hurts you're still holding onto, spring is the time to take steps to release these feelings. Forgiveness is not about condoning what was done, rather it releases us from our own suffering.

The Wood Element is the first one to be affected by stress.

In particular, stress, overworking, and poor sleep can cause Wood Imbalances, leading to symptoms like:

  • Anger, irritability, short temperedness
  • Unforgiving, holding grudges
  • PMS, menstrual cramps, hormone imbalances
  • Neck and shoulder tension and discomfort
  • Restlessness, difficulty sitting still
  • Overwhelmed, spinning, but not getting anything done
  • Addictions to sugar, food, alcohol, caffeine, drugs

 Children with a Wood Imbalance may manifest symptoms such as:

  • Hyperactivity, impulsivity
  • Anger, irritability, defiance
  • Rude, insensitive, lack of manners
  • Addictions to refined carbohydrates, sugar, TV, video games


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