Earaches and Ear Infection Home Remedies that Work Even When Antibiotics Don't


What home remedy can I use for an ear infection that is safe and effective to help avoid antibiotics?

I recently had a 5-year-old patient, Ryder, come in with a ruptured eardrum that required surgery, but before he could have the surgery he needed to clear a recalcitrant bacterial and fungal infection.

The infection had been going about 4 months, but the last 2 months it was chronic, severe, and not responding to antibiotics or antifungal medications. He would wake up in the morning with foul-smelling, green discharge oozing from his ear. 

Due to my busy schedule, I was unable to see Ryder for about a week, so I sent his mom home with Ice Wave patches and told her to apply them in front of and behind the affected ear as shown in the picture above.

His mom reported that as soon as she took the patches off, about an hour later he'd ask for patches again because they made his ear feel better. 

A week later he came in for an acupuncture treatment and I used small pediatric "taps" or needles at the same spots. I had Ryder continue with the Ice Wave patches and added the Glutathione patch in front of his ear to further assist the body in fighting the infections.

9 Days of Patching Resolved his Bacterial and Fungal Ear Infections when 2 months of Antibiotics and Antifungals Couldn't!

Two days later, Ryder visited his ENT doctor, who was amazed that his bacterial and fungal ear infections had cleared up! This is the power of phototherapy on acupuncture points! 

Phototherapy patches, massage, acupressure, and herbal formulas are great ways to help prevent and treat earaches and ear infections. In fact, these remedies can help break the cycle of chronic ear infections for many kids.

Read on below to learn how to use these remedies.

Ear Infection Patching.png

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Phototherapy Patches Fight Infection and Reduce Pain

Lifewave phototherapy patches use patented technology to stimulate acupuncture points with light that simultaneously induces biochemical changes in the body to support healing.

Click here and scroll down the page to watch a video on how this works.

For earaches and ear infections, I recommend using a Glutathione patch in front of the ear to help activate the body's production of glutathione - our master antioxidant. This is way more powerful for fighting infection than taking vitamin C or elderberry.

Then I add Ice Wave patches in front of the ear and behind the ear to help reduce pain and inflammation. You can layer an Ice Wave patch on top of a Glutathione patch (or vice versa) and it is still just as effective.

There are two Ice Wave patches - one is tan and the other is white. You can try placing the tan patch in front of the ear and the white patch behind the ear (see photo above). If this is uncomfortable for your child, reverse it and place the white patch in front of the ear and the tan patch in back.

Replace the patches every 24 hours and repeat as often as needed. For the best results, make sure your child is well hydrated and taking enough magnesium.

 Massage & Acupressure for Earaches and Ear Infections

This method of treatment is beneficial for those suffering from ear infections and earaches that don't want to use any special tools.

You can use this massage anytime and anywhere, making it a convenient treatment option for earaches when you're on the go - like on an airplane or while traveling. In addition, it is incredibly safe and can be used for both adults and children.

For immediate relief of ear pain and to help drain fluid in the ears, I recommend doing acupressure on the same two points in front of and behind the ear.

Then apply some lotion or oil to the neck and using your thumb gently massage the neck starting from behind the ear, down the neck to a point in front of the collar bone (see photo below).

Ear Infections and Pain.png  

Herbal Formulas for Chronic Ear Infection

If your child suffers from repeated ear infections, herbal remedies offer safe, effective support to supplement phototherapy, acupressure, and massage. 

I recommend Ear Release by Little Treasures. This formula is traditionally used for chronic ear infections with pain, redness, and fluid in the middle ear. It is a liquid tincture that is made in the USA and is free of gluten, dairy, and soy. It is safe for babies ages 6 months and up.

Ear Release.png

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Ryder is a great example of how light therapy and acupressure can help assist the body in healing. A blend of modern and ancient medicine often yields the best results! It's all about using the right medicine for the issue.

Common Sense Caution

Acupressure is a great treatment option, but it cannot take the place of antibiotics or other forms of medical treatment prescribed by your doctor.  It can be safely used to augment any current medical treatment your child is receiving. As always, we suggest you see your local health care professional if you become concerned with your child's earache.

We appreciate our readers' input, questions, and comments. Feel free to reach out to us, and we may tailor an article just for you!   


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 Disclaimer: The statements in this blog post have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is NOT medical or nursing advice and will not take the place of advice of licensed health professionals based on your personal medical history. Robin Green Acupuncture, Inc. does not assume liability for any information contained in this article. Individual results may vary.


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