Day 3 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset Day 3

Day 3 is all about supporting the digestive system!

In my opinion, this could be the most important day of the reset. Our energy and vitality are dependent upon the nutrient density of the food we eat AND our ability to absorb the nutrients from our food.

If one or the other goes wrong, we can feel tired, lack stamina, have poor immunity or problems with our digestion.

This time of year our digestive system is easily overtaxed with sweets, alcohol and all the goodies of the holidays. 

I started out Day 3 feeling wonderful! I was so excited because I was chugging along and feeling great. And then... WHAM! I got hit with some bad news and it completely rocked me!

The reset continued, but I wasn't able to post in the forum as I was taking care of this emergency! All is well now and I'm able to finish blogging about the last few days of the reset.

Here's How to Patch for Day 3

You'll need:

  • 2 Energy Enhancer Patches (one white and one tan)
  • 1 Aeon Patch
  • 1 Glutathione Patch
  • 1 Carnosine Patch

Energy Enhancers on Spleen 6 & Stomach 36

For day 3, place the tan Energy Enhancer on Spleen 6 (SP 6) on the left leg, which helps support healthy digestion and elimination. It is also known for boosting energy, healthy hormone balance, and helping with dizziness among other things.

Day 3 SP 6 Reset.png

Then place the white Energy Enhancer Patch on Stomach 36 (ST 36) on the right leg. This point is also helpful for supporting healthy digestion and immunity. It can calm an upset stomach and help with fullness in the chest and abdomen. Research shows that this point increases white blood cell production.

Day 3 ST 36 Reset.png


Day 1 - 5 Aeon Patch on Du 14

Normally, I'd wear Aeon on Du 14 on the back of the neck, which opens up the meridians on the back. It's also great for any type of neck and shoulder pain. Or if you're fighting off a cold or have a fever. Instead I put the Aeon patch at TB 17 for stress (see photo below). Either point is fine! 

Days 1 - 5 Glutathione on CV 6

Then I added a Glutathione patch on CV 6 below, which opens up the meridians on the front of the body. CV 6 is a great point for strengthening the body and supporting healthy digestion. The Glutathione patch is GREAT for immune support and detox.

Carnosine on CV 17 on Nights 1 - 5

At night, I'll take the patches above and just wear one Carnosine patch at CV 17 on the chest. Carnosine helps with cellular regeneration, memory and so much more! That's why it's great to wear at night.

Points for Stress - TB 17 & LV 3

All I can say is I'm so grateful I was already doing this reset because I needed all the energetic support I could during that stressful time.

I continued with the reset but also used a few additional patches on day three and four to help clear the stress from my mind and body so that I could bounce back quickly.

Here's what I did to manage my stress:

I moved the Aeon from the back of my neck to behind my ear on a point called Triple Burner 17.

I used this point because a branch of the vagus nerve runs through that area. One of the most important jobs of the vagus nerve is to "turn off" the stress response once the stressor is gone. As soon as I put the Aeon patch on that point, I could feel my body finally relax.  

 TB 17.png

Then I added Energy Enhancers on Liver 3 between the big toe and second toe. Liver 3 is a point that is traditionally used for emotional balance and is especially good for issues related to anger and severe emotional upset. 

LV 3 with EE.png

While I'm not thrilled I had such a stressful day, it did serve as a learning opportunity. If you decide to the reset, stuff happens. But, these techniques are adaptable to whatever you're going through.

Unlike other cleanses where it's difficult to continue when something stressful happens, the meridian reset is simple and fast to do so it can help you no matter what's going on. And you're fell so much better for continuing it!

Who Can Do the Reset?

This reset is great for before or after the holidays or BOTH! Adults and children can do the reset as well! Everyone can benefit from having their meridians balanced. You can do the reset as often as needed, and especially after an illness or stress period of time. 

For the best results, drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated! Let me know if you have any questions. 

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