Day 1 of the 5-Day Meridian Reset

5 Day Reset

We loaded our pod yesterday for our move to Idaho!! It's been pretty intense getting ready for the move and I am ready for a reset!

But, I don't have time just yet to do a cleanse or something intense like Whole 30, so I decided to do a 5-day Meridian Reset to balance and open all of the acupuncture meridians or energy pathways.

In Chinese Medicine, when your meridians are blocked or stagnant it creates pain and/or illness.

That's the last thing I need before the big day. Even though we're organized and ready for our move, it's going to be stressful. That's why I decided to do this Reset.

It's super simple and just takes a minute in the morning and night to do. So, it totally fits into my busy schedule and I bet it will fit into yours, too!

Here's What you Need for the Reset:

  • Energy Enhancer Patches
  • Glutathione Patches
  • Carnosine Patches
  • Aeon Patches

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Here's How it Works:

Each day you apply Energy Enhancers to two meridians that are paired together. So, the Energy Enhancers will switch points each day, but the rest of the points will be the same each day.

I'll post each set of meridians every day this week so you'll have the whole reset plan by the end of the week.

Day 1: Energy Enhancers on Liver & Gallbladder Channels

For example, today I'm applying Energy Enhancers to the Liver 3 and Gallbladder 41 to open those meridians. This is super balancing for stress and emotions! GB 41 is also helpful for neck and shoulder pain. 

Day 1 - 5 Aeon Patch on Du 14

I'll also wear Aeon on Du 14 on the back of the neck, which opens up the meridians on the back. It's also great for any type of neck and shoulder pain. Or if you're fighting off a cold or have a fever.

Days 1 - 5 Glutathione on CV 6

Then I'll add a Glutathione patch on CV 6 below, which opens up the meridians on the front of the body. CV 6 is a great point for strengthening the body and supporting healthy digestion. The Glutathione patch is GREAT for immune support and detox.

Carnosine on CV 17 on Nights 1 - 5

At night, I'll take the patches above and just wear one Carnosine patch at CV 17 on the chest. Carnosine helps with cellular regeneration, memory and so much more! That's why it's great to wear at night.

Then tomorrow I'll switch up the points for the Energy Enhancers and then continue with the Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine patches on the same points.  So far today, I'm feeling pretty good!

I can't wait to see how I'll feel by the end of the week! 

This Reset is great for before or after the holidays or BOTH! Adults and children can do the reset as well! Everyone can benefit from having their meridians balanced! You can do the reset as often as needed, and especially after an illness or stress period of time. 

For the best results, drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated! Let me know if you have any questions. 


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