A Revolutionary Technique that Stimulates Acupoints with Light Therapy Patching Technology to Help Resolve Symptoms!


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VIDEO: What is AcuPatching and How Does it Work? 

How AcuPatching Can Help

AcuPatching uses the power of acupoint stimulation with the benefits of light therapy to restore balance in the body and resolve symptoms naturally. 

It has a similar therapeutic effect as acupuncture, but without any needles and it can be done at home.

It's a safe, effective, non-transdermal technique of stimulating acupoints to help your child feel better! 

AcuPatching for Acute Issues & Minor Injuries

AcuPatching can help resolve acute conditions like earache, fever, headaches, bumps, and bruises.

Because the patches are activated by the body's infrared heat and light the patches work over clothing and are activated up to 6" away from the body!

That means you can use it as part of your first aid kit. You can put a patch over bandaids, bandages, and even casts.

Or you AcuPatch in the middle of the night or in times of need when you want to try and manage symptoms at home before seeking medical care.

Of course, if you're having a medical emergency call 9-1-1 or seek proper medical care!

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AcuPatching is for Chronic Issues, too!

Kids in the Unwellness Gap™ suffer from chronic contemporary childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, ear infections, anxiety, digestive issues, or eczema (to name a few).

They're not totally sick and not totally well either.

Life can become a daily struggle that impacts the whole family.

Unfortunately, there's not much Western medicine can do beyond managing the symptoms and that leaves parents unsupported, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

You don't have to ride it out or wait for your child to outgrow their symptoms. 

You can use AcuPatching in addition to any therapies you're already using!

What Other Conditions Can AcuPatching Help with?

AcuPatching works on a similar principle as acupuncture, but instead of needles it uses specific wavelengths of light to activate the body's own healing mechanisms. The goal is to bring the body into a state of balance so it can heal itself, thus resolving bothersome or even severe symptoms.

AcuPatching for Immune Health

Naturally boost your glutathione, the body's master antioxidant for immune health.

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AcuPatching to Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

Light therapy to balance the nervous system and turn off your stress response.

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AcuPatching for Earaches & Infections

Learn how to resolve an ear infection even when antibiotics aren't working.

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AcuPatching to Reduce a Fever

Reduce a  fever and make your child more comfortable without using drugs.

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Phototherapy Has Been Around for Over 100 Years!

It's very well researched and the benefits are numerous. Low level light therapy is very safe and will not cause any damage to the skin - in fact it does just the opposite!

There are over 70 studies measuring the physiological improvements Lifewave patches activate such as reductions in pain, swelling, and inflammation. It also helps support immunity, digestion, energy, sleep quality, stress adaptation, wound healing, skin and wrinkles. Check out the science here.

The results are consistent with what I've seen with acupuncture and phototherapy devices, but now it's available for use at home!