Welcome to the cold and flu season! Now that the kick-off party is over (aka Halloween), there will be a serious uptick in upper respiratory and other illnesses.

Have you noticed this too?

Sugar, while not as big of a deal for kids with healthy immune systems, can cause a flare-up of symptoms that can last for weeks in kids with asthma, allergies, eczema and digestive issues (AAED).

These flares can throw your whole world out of whack!

It leads to trips to the doctor, more meds, missed days of school and work, sleepless nights, and endless worry about when this flare up will finally go away!

Eating sugar in large quantities, as most kids do on Halloween, is a really BIG deal for kids with AAED!

The problem is so much pressure to allow kids to eat candy and junk from others that believe that it’s depriving children of the fun and joy of the holiday if you don’t!

This is especially hard if this comes from your partner or family members!

But, what is fun about breathing treatments three times a day?

Or being up all night with a kid that is coughing?

Or itchy, scratchy skin?

Or massaging your child’s aching belly?

Just remember, others don’t understand what parents with kids who have AAED will end up going through when they’re kids overeat sugar.

We know all the reasons why sugar is bad – cavities, diabetes, obesity, behavior issues, etc.

But really, for kids with AAED, eating large quantities of sugar:

  • Lowers resistance to infection
  • Increases inflammation
  • Negatively impacts good gut bacteria
  • Feeds bad gut microbes like candida (BIG Trigger for asthma and allergies)

All of which triggers or worsens symptoms!

Plus, sugar is super addicting — even more addicting than cocaine (see the photo below and read full article here).

What can parents do?

First, limit sugar!

Get rid of the Halloween candy and instead make your child a healthy dessert! Focus, on healthy, green-light foods (see more here).

Second, make sure you’re supporting your child with a daily herbal tonic that bolsters immunity like Little Sentinel Herbal Tincture.

You can get Little Sentinel for FREE with the Lung & Winter Wellness Bundles.

For kids with asthma, allergies or those that easily get chest colds, I’d recommend having the Lung Support Bundle on hand.

For all other kids, I recommend the Winter Wellness Bundle.

Need More Support?

If you need additional support to help address the root of your child’s issue, I’d love to help. Click here to learn more about working with me remotely.

We can set up a discovery consultation to see if working with me would be a good fit.

Let’s make this a healthy winter for the whole family! Let me know how I can help!