Do you have a natural remedy book for kids that you just love? I do. It’s called Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Robert Roundtree, Janet Zand, and Rachel Walton.

It’s been my trusted companion for many years and is well used, dog-eared and has notes scribbled here and there.

Now, you could just look stuff up on the internet, but it’s also great to have a trusted book that you can always turn to no matter what time of night you need it!

Below you’ll find my top 5 favorite books on children’s health and natural remedies:


Why natural remedies fail:

Nurture Healthy, Happy Kids
The 5-Element Way

Natural remedy books are important for parents that wants to treat their child holistically. But, sometimes you need more support for kids with severe or chronic illness.

Heal Your Child from the Inside Out was written to help parents learn how to use the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements to address modern health and emotional problems.

Fun Questionnaires and quizzes will help you understand your child’s Five Element type — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water — so you can create a natural healing program that is as unique as your child.


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