Transcript of The 80/20 Rule Helps Kids Eat Healthy in the Real World

Hey There! I’m Robin Ray Green, acupuncturist and author of the book Heal Your Child from the Inside out the 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy Happy Kids! And today I want to talk about eating healthy in the real world…

Have you ever felt bad about letting your kids eat pizza or burgers? Recently I was having one of those days – unprepared, on-the-go with two hungry kids. And you know what I did?

I went to In N Out Burger.

- [ ] We don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time!

Shocking, right? Here’s the thing…

Motherhood is real.

Sometimes motherhood is really hard and I’m not going to pretend that I’m perfect, especially at eating healthy 100% of the time! Trying to eat healthy all the time would be super stressful not to mention unrealistic without a personal chef and say a million dollars.

- [ ] We don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time!

Like you, my life is full and I’m juggling a lot of balls. And sometimes we’ll have a burger at In N Out or we’ll share a pizza! Of course we let the kids have dessert with some healthy stipulations (more on that later).

Even, actress and health nut, Gwyneth Paltrow eats pizza and drinks of glass of wine now and then!

It’s so easy to listen to health experts tell you how to eat healthy and they may make it seem like you have to eat healthy ALL the time or that some how they’re perfect at it! When in reality, even they can’t maintain that ideal.

The good news is you don’t have to.

One of my favorite guidelines to eating healthy is the 80/20 rule. Which is to say that we should strive for eating healthy about 80% of the time and the other 20% eat whatever you want. Without. The. Guilt.

While I’m not a numbers gal, thank goodness my husband is… and did know if you eat 21 meals a week and you’re following the 80/20 means that about 3 – 4 meals a week can be total crap and you’re still eating really healthy overall!

Woohoo! Isn’t that such a relief!!

However before you go crazy, keep a few things in mind… Even when you’re not eating perfectly avoid any foods that trigger adverse reactions in your body. So, as much as I’d love to pig out on ice cream, I don’t because I’d like to avoid feeling like there’s an alien trying to get out of my belly!

Kids who have chronic health issues are in the recovery phase, need to be on stricter diets during the healing process. There were times in my son, Noah’s, healing journey where pizza and cheese burgers were simply not options because they’d cause a severe flare in his eczema. But, we knew avoiding certain foods wouldn’t be forever if we avoided them long enough for his body and his gut to heal. And now, I’m happy to report, he’s able to eat just about everything!

And finally, even when we’re eating out – we’re still somewhat choosy about where we go and what we eat. We’d prefer to eat at a place where’s the food is whole and has fewer processing and chemicals. We don’t order milk shakes and sodas. We split the fries. We enjoy ourselves without feeling guilty.

In next the video I’ll be talking about why you should IGNORE the food pyramid and share the real pillars a good diet – no matter what kind of diet your family follows.

If this is resonating, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! And let me know – when life gets real and you eat out what are YOU’RE tips for eating healthy? Leave a comment below and let me know and Be sure to share this video with a friend!

See you next time!


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