BEST fish oil for kids

I never thought I’d find a fish oil kids would LOVE to take. But this morning I heard the words “Can I have more fish oil please?”

Ummmm… OK!!!

Until recently, taking fish oil has had its dramatic moments in our family.

We used to take fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) and I’d have to stand over my youngest and make sure he swallowed or else he’d run off to the bathroom and spit it out into the toilet. I stopped using FCLO after the whole “scandal” broke questioning the validity of unsubstantiated claims made about this product. Plus, it just tasted gross! 

However, there’s a ton of evidence to show that regular old fish oil can help with a wide variety of health conditions. It has beneficial effects on our brains, hearts, joints, skin, and eyes to name a few.

Here are the Top 3 Fish Oil Supplements that Kids Love:

#1 Pure Omega Plus by

Pure Omega Plus is the only fish oil product that my entire family is happy to take. My boys frequently ask for a second spoonful.

This fish oil is emulsified, so it has a creamy texture and delicious mango flavor. There’s no oily taste and it doesn’t cause any burping or weird aftertaste.

NutraGen Omega 3 Fish Oil

You can check it out here

If you’d like to order some, visit and when you get to the check out page you’ll be asked to select the last name of your practitioner. Just type in “Green” and then select Robin Green from the list that pops up. Nutragen normally only sells to practitioners, but if you select my name you can order directly. They’re super friendly and if you’re not 100% satisfied with their products, they’ll let you return it!

#2 ProOmega Jr. or DHA Jr. by Nordic Naturals

This fish oil is strawberry flavored and comes in small gel caps or in liquid form. My boys used to love bursting open the caps in their mouth. I also like this brand because you can get a therapeutic dosage in just a few gel caps. And if you’re children can’t do capsules, you can get the liquid instead.

Most kids like this brand of fish oil since it has a slightly sweet, pleasant taste, but some kids don’t like the oily feel in their mouth. If the texture is a problem, then I’d suggest trying the Pure Omega Plus (above) instead.

ProOmega Jr. and DHA Jr. are available at most health stores and online at

#3 Carlson’s Norwegian Fish Oil

Coming in at third for most kids is Carlson’s fish oil. This pure fish oil product is pleasant tasting, but not quite as yummy as the mango cream of the Pure Omega Plus or the strawberry of ProOmega Jr. It is also available at most health foods stores and

Fish Oil Gummies Didn’t Make the List?

That’s right, fish oil gummies didn’t make the cut. Of course kids like gummies, but the potency of these fish oil products is so low that you’re unlikely to see much benefit. However, if that is the ONLY way your child will take fish oil then at least it is a little something.

Have a fish oil you love? Let us know in the comments!



Disclaimer: These products are chosen based on the preferences of the little taste testers in my clinic. Affiliate links help fund the free information on my blog at no added cost to you! So, thank you in advance for using these links!!