I’m absolutely thrilled to share my first natural-health expert interview with Natalie Garay, Mater Pilates Instructor.  She and I share a passion for helping women recover properly from c-section and natural delivery.  After ten years of rehabilitating mamas she shares how movement is the key to restore the body after birth so you can enjoy motherhood.

Natalie shares how her fine-tuned and personalized approach can help turn your health around so you can enjoy being in your body (and your clothes) again.

Watch the interview with Natalie Garay below:

Interview with Natalie Garay from Robin Green on Vimeo.

Natalie shares how movement can:

  • Inspire your creativity
  • Help you keep your sanity
  • Bring joy into your life
  • Help regain your body after childbirth
  • Restore a prolapsed uterus or bladder!

Yep! We totally went there and talked about about prolapsed uterus and bladder as well as urinary incontinence.  Women don’t have to suffer with these problems! Natalie will share how you can reverse these problems and more with simple daily movement that even the busiest moms can find time to do!   Be ready to be inspired.

Natalie GarayNatalie wants to live in a world where love is always in the air, Yoga & Pilates are prescribed over pills and chocolate is recognized as a healing property.

As a highly intuitive Pilates Educator, with a knee-slapping sense of humor, Natalie is applauded for her knowledge and insight of the human body.

Natalie has been featured on ModernMom.com, POPSUGARFitness.com, FitForMoms.com, Wello.com, Soles4Souls.org, Examiner.com, EveryMotherCounts.org, and on her own blog, The Pilates Mama.

When she’s not shaping butts and strengthening guts, you can find her in bed reading the day away, strolling the beach, snuggling with her 3 nuggets, or in a downward dog.


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