Healthy food or unhealthy food?

A new study has just come out:

Preservatives and Additives -Preserving Life? Adding Happiness?

A recent study done by the Pediatric Science of Altruism has concluded that all those additives (colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, etc.) are actually GREAT for your children. We’ve been so wrong!

Children who eat artificial sweeteners are up to ONE MILLION PERCENT HEALTHIER according to the PSA. Children with a diet rich in artificial colorings and flavorings over a long term study by the PSA had a massive GAZILLION POINT INCREASE IN I.Q. over the span of 40 years.

This is a game changer!

Clearly, out with the old, “healthy” diet of pure homemade foods and in with the processed food diet high in corn syrup, sugar, salt and additives is the way to go! A great example diet would start with a can of artificially sweetened soda paired with a bowl of frosties and non-fat milk. A great lunch would be any fast food entree paired with another soda (or two!).  Don’t forget to super size! A fabulous and nutritious dinner to complete your day would be any packaged, pre-fixed meal preferably out of a box or bag- that way it’s rich in those oh-so-yummy preservatives.

We here at Kids Love Acupuncture can’t wait to get started on this new and improved HEALTHY way of thinking!


April Fools!

Just wanted to keep you on your toes! We (obviously) don’t want you feeding your children, (or your family) anything remotely close to the horrifying diet we just “advocated.” At KLA, we love to have fun, but health and wellness can really, never take a day off. Here’s what you’ll be looking forward to in the coming weeks!

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Have a fun day!