Do you have a picky eater?

Ever feel like a short order cook? Or maybe you feel hopeless about getting your child to eat healthy, let alone something green?

I’m totally with you. That used to be my life!

I’d get SO annoyed when people would say, “Just have him try a bite.”

Ha! As if it was that simple. In the beginning that led to gagging, tears, and dinner completely ruined. Let’s not even talk about the old sit at the table until you eat a bite advice!


From a Finicky to Foodie

If you’ve read my book, then you know that my oldest son, Noah (pictured below), had a severe case of eczema. But, what you probably didn’t know was that he was an EXTREMELY picky eater.

At one point, Noah’s diet was so limited all he would eat was chicken nuggets, applesauce, mandarin oranges, and rice.

I cringe just thinking about those days when he refused EVERYTHING except those four foods.

You might think I’m crazy to let my child eat just those foods. Trust me, I was a complete wreck! I worried about his weight and feared he wasn’t get enough nutrients. I envisioned him going to college only eating apple sauce and chicken nuggets <shudder>!


The Path to Creating a Healthy, Happy Eater

There’s a lot of conventional wisdom that doesn’t work for extremely picky eaters. Some kids have to work their way up to the “one polite bite” rule.  With some, like Noah, it can be a long journey, yet now he’s eats green thai curry, kale chips, soups, salads, and wide variety of foods.

And I KNOW your child can get there too with the right guidance.

What I’ve learned is that kids who refuse foods have some control issues, but there’s more going on under the surface. Things like…

  • Imbalances in gut flora
  • Food sensitivities or allergies
  • Physiological addiction that causes cravings for sugar, wheat, and dairy
  • Oral-motor and/or sensory processing issues

While these issues are challenging, they’re totally fixable. With the right guidance you can help your child learn to love food — without going crazy being a short order cook!!

That’s why I created the Healthy, Happy Eaters E-Course


In this e-course, I will teach you how to turn around your child’s eating habits, reduce cravings, and help your child enjoy a variety of foods. I’ll cover topics like mealtime do’s and don’t’s, how to help your picky eater shift their eating habits, and ways to overcome wheat, dairy, and/or sugar cravings!

If this sounds like something that would be helpful, you can check out the course here:


I know it’s totally possible to turn picky eaters into food lovers! My son taught me how. With my Healthy, Happy Eaters Bundle I’ll show you step-by-step how to help your child and save your sanity!  Click here to learn more.