Robin Green, L.Ac. MTCM

Are you feeling stressed, stuck, out-of-balance?

Five Element healing sessions help you find your way back to optimal well-being so you can live from a place of wholeness and authenticity. Transformative shifts can happen when the Five Elements are balanced once again.

Five Element healing sessions are a unique blend of:

  • Five Element lifestyle balancing
  • Intuitive readings
  • Five Element energy clearing
  • Acupuncture

Problems are addressed on a body-mind-spirit level in order to release patterns and stressed energy blocking deeper healing.

What is a Five Element Healing Session Like?

Step #1 The Five Element Review

Robin starts the sessions with a Five Element review. She’ll ask questions related to the body, mind, or spirit aspects of each of the Five Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water (see photo below).

During this portion of the session Robin will convey any intuitive guidance to help bring your Elements back into balance and address the issue at hand.

This may include:

  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Dietary support
  • Herbal medicine or nutrition supplements
  • Meditation or mindfulness activities
  • Guidance for living more aligned with the season
  • Rituals for reflection and release


Step #2: Acupuncture

Next, Robin will give you an acupuncture treatment geared towards addressing symptoms and underlying causes of the issue. She will also focus on balancing each of the Five Elements.


Step #3 Five Element Clearing

While you’re resting on the table with the needles, Robin will do a Five Element Clearing. While the needles are balancing the energies of the body, the clearing balances the energies of the mind and spirit.


What is Involved in a Five Element Clearing?

Thoughts are powerful forms of energy. They affect our emotions, moods, and physical health. Often when people are sick or under stress, repetitive thought patterns create stagnant energy preventing us from moving forward.

Five Element energy clearing is a technique that clears blocked or stagnant energy in each of the Five Element energy fields — Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. In the picture below, you’ll find just a few of those aspects:



Energy is inherently intelligent and knows what is ready to be released.

That’s why there is no set intention for what will be cleared in each of the Five Element energy fields. However, what is released will be related to the different mind-body-spirit aspects of each Element (see photo above for just some of those aspects).

After a clearing, patients report that they feel lighter, happier, and more whole — like their true self. Many patients are able to finally let go of old thought patterns or baggage that has been weighing them down. Once these inner shifts are integrated, they often bring about shifts in the outer world, too.

As with any healing modality, individual results will vary.

What Patients Are Saying...

Working with Robin is comforting, healing, and therapeutic. It’s as if you’re getting treatment from your closest friend, since you feel such an immediate level of trust. As each element cleared, I felt lighter, happier, and more myself. I feel like a completely different person after a clearing, because I am able to let go of negative energy I wasn’t aware I was even holding onto.

A. Ferriera

Five Element clearing is amazing! I came into my session feeling tired and drained from all the heavy energy that had been bombarding me. I left feeling lighter — as if all that stuff that was stuck in my energy field had lifted. Clearing really does work and Robin’s intuitive impressions were spot on!

R. Caddell

I wasn’t sure what would happen, but the Five Element Healing Session totally exceeded my expectations!  After just one session I felt as if this huge burden and heaviness had been lifted from my shoulders! Stuck energy from my past was freed and I felt more myself than I had in years. I didn’t realize how weighed down I was until after the clearing! I absolutely love working with Robin!

C. Bailey

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you recommend getting a Five Element healing session?

How often you’ll need a Five Element healing session depends on the issue(s) going on. Most patients find that having 1-2 sessions per month is extremely beneficial.

Can children benefit from Five Element healing sessions?

Yes! Children can and do benefit from Five Element healing sessions. Depending on the age of the child, the Five Element review will be done with the parent instead of the child. Acupuncture or non-needle techniques can be used in addition to the Five Element clearing.

What can I expect from the Five Element clearing?

Each session is unique and results will vary from clearing to clearing. During a Five Element clearing there is no set intention of what needs to be cleared. Energy is intelligent and knows what each person is ready to release – that is what will be cleared.

Your response can be subtle like a whisper, strong with an immediate feeling of release, or anything in between. After the inner energetic shift, you may find your outer world shifting over the next few weeks after the session.

What are the fees for the session?

INITIAL SESSION (approx. 75 minutes): $325
FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (approx. 60 minutes): $295
FIVE ELEMENT CLEARING ONLY (approx. 30 minutes): $145

To Book Your Five Element Healing Session:

E-mail or Call Us at (408) 776-0420