Once children hit the tweens, there’s not as much support!

Parenting is just as hard or harder once kids get older! We want to give them their independence, but we also need to make sure they do their chores, get good grades, and stay safe.

Our children are digital natives and that creates new parenting challenges related to things like video games, internet usage, small screens, and social media.

That’s why I was thrilled to connect with Kate McKinnon and Lauren Doko of the Soul Connection Healing Center. They noticed the same challenges and have been creating resources to specifically help parents who have kids in their tweens and teens!

Learn about some fantastic resources to become an empowered parent in this interview with Kate and Lauren.

Find out more info about Empowered Parenting Online!

Kate and Lauren have offered our viewers a free audio interview “How Touch Can Enhance & Deepen Connection in Your Family”. As well as Jesse Lewis Choose Love website and link to the free social-emotional curriculum Pre-K through 12th!
Check our their event page here!

About Kate & Lauren

Kate Doko and Lauren Mackinnon founders of Soul Connection Healing Center in the Bay Area, are both active in providing support to children.

Kate is currently working on an extension program focused on healthy touch and boundaries with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. Learn more about Kate.

Lauren is leading an awareness effort called Champions for Mindful Education in her local community about the need for social-emotional learning in her school district.  Learn more about Lauren.