You’ve heard of acupressure, but did you know about auriculotherapy or ear acupressure?

You can think of ear acupressure (a.k.a. auriculotherapy) like reflexology for the ear. Simply put, it’s the idea that we can use acupressure on specific points in the ear to heal health problems in other parts of our body.

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According to auriculotherapy expert Elie Goldschmidt, founder of and Ear Seeds Academy, “The ear is a microsystem that represents the entire body. There are over 200 points on the ear that correspond to other parts of the body.”

In order to understand how this works, he says:

“You can relate the ear to being like a switchboard to the brain. The brain is like a computer and the ear like a computer keyboard. When a point on the ear is stimulated, it sends a signal to the brain which is then redirected it to the area of the body being treated.”

This is why auriculotherapy has positive healing benefits in other parts of the body.

Auriculotherapy gets results.

While I was in school, and later in my acupuncture practice, I repeatedly saw when auriculotherapy and ear seeds were used, symptoms improved! These miraculous little seeds could, in fact, stimulate healing.

Even if that’s the only treatment!

Anxiety was calmed. Behavior was balanced. Headaches went away. Digestive problems improved. It was amazing!

In my clinic, I use them frequently with my patients, especially my pediatric patients. They work for all kinds of conditions such as earaches, allergies, anxiety, sleeping problems, digestive issues, ADHD, and more!


What Do You Use Auriculotherapy For?

You can use auriculotherapy at home to treat a wide variety of common adult and pediatric conditions, such as emotional and behavioral issues, digestive issues, common cold, headaches, pain, weight loss, and more.

Auriculotherapy is just that—therapy.

In order to pick the right points to treat, you can use a clean toothpick or a special ear probe to check for tenderness around the area that corresponds to your health complaint. In addition, look for markings or discoloration in certain parts of the ear.

Once you find the right points, the easiest way to stimulate them at home is with ear seeds (see photo below). Ear seeds are made of tiny vicaria seeds on adhesive tape that can be applied to points to provide mild, continuous pressure.

Ear seeds on Shenmen, Point Zero, and Sympathetic Autonomic points.

I recommend selecting 2 to 4 points related to the condition you’re treating. You can treat both ears at once and leave the seeds on for 3-4 days, then let the ear rest for 24 hours before reapplying.

Curious How You Can Use Ear Seeds at Home?

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