Distance Consultations at Robin Green Acupuncture


Are you or your child struggling with a health issue?


Would you like some guidance on where to start and what steps to take to support the healing process?

No matter where you live you can benefit from Robins unique approach to healing. She intuitively blends Chinese medicine, functional medicine, and Five Elements to help her patients achieve deeper and long lasting healing. With her patient centered approach, Robin takes the time to truly understand your health issue from a mind, body and spirit perspective.

Robin offers distance consultations and Five Element healing sessions that can be done remotely via video chat.


With distance consultations, she will help you determine you or your child’s Five Element make-up and provide a fresh perspective on the issue that’s going on. She can help you address health problems by developing a unique healing program.

Five Element healing sessions, provide all the same services as a regular distance consultation, but you’ll get the added benefit of  Five Element energy clearing. Thoughts are energy. Often when people are sick or under stress, repetitive thought patterns create stagnant energy that prevents us for being able to move forward.

This technique clears blocked or stagnant energy in each of the Five Element energy fields — Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. This is helpful for emotional balancing, when you feel “off”, “stuck”, or have a health issue and no identifiable cause can be found.

After a clearing, patients report that they feel lighter, happier and are able to finally let go of old thought patterns or baggage that has been weighing them down. As with any healing modality, individual results will vary.

How Distance Consultations Work

#1 Start with a 10-Minute Complimentary Consultation

We want to make absolutely sure our services are a good fit for you! We offer a 10-minute complimentary consultation prior to booking. Simply E-mail Martha, the Office Manager, to set up a complimentary consultation with Robin. Then we can discuss which type of distance consultation will be most helpful.

#2 Schedule Your Distance Consultation

We will assist you in scheduling your distance consultation or Five Element healing session. In addition, we will send you e-paperwork to fill out online prior to your appointment.

Will will need the paperwork returned to our office at least 3 business days prior to your appointment.


#3 Meet on Zoom

At the appointed time we’ll meet online via a video service called Zoom. Instructions and links for the video meeting will be sent prior to your appointment.

Distance Consultation Info & Fees

For all distance consultations, we require payment at the time of booking

Distance Consultation

During a regular distance consultation, Robin will discuss you or your child’s health issue and help create a unique healing program including:

  • Five Element typing
  • Five Element diagnosis
  • Acupressure guidance
  • Massage guidance (for kids)
  • Herbal medicine
  • Supplements
  • Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • Custom healing program creation




  • Initial Visit (60 min): $250
  • Follow-Up Visits (30 min): $125

Five Element Healing Sessions

With Five Element Healing sessions, we can dive deep into the underlying cause of health problems, emotional issues, and negative thought patterns that block healing and release them with the Five Element energy clearing. Five Element Healing Sessions are unique for each person and may include:


  • Five Element typing to figure out your unique way of being in the world
  • Five Element intuitive reading
  • Five Element energetic clearing
  • Family re-patterning
  • Lifestyle & nutrition counseling
  • Herbal medicine recommendations
  • Custom healing program creation



  • 75-minute session: $325 (for the initial visit)
  • 60-minute session: $295
  • 30-minute session: $145

Cancellation Policy for Distance Consultations:
We require 48-hours notice, we’ll refund your fees less a 6% processing fee.

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