Join Robin Ray Green on her book tour!

At each stop she’ll be sharing pearls of wisdom from her new book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out! You can meet the author and even get your book signed.

Details below of Robin’s Book Tour. Also, Order your book today and you’ll also get 3 FREE Gifts! Click Here to Learn More.

Come down to BookSmart in Morgan Hill as Robin shares the story behind the book, how the 5-Elements can help your child, and get your book signed as well! It starts at 2 pm on Saturday, November 5th.
Learn how to help your child Thrive with over 35 holistic health experts, including Robin. Her talk on how to use the 5-Elements to help your child thrive will air on Saturday, October 8th. Replay available afterward.
Practitioners can join Robin on to learn how to use the 5-Elements to help reframe and explain illness to help your pediatric patients thrive. Listen in live or watch the replay.

Watch SHIFT Series Interview
Lindsay Pera, creator of chronic wellness tools & tracker, chats with Robin and gets to the root of how we can use the 5-Elements to help children with illness heal and become resilient.

Join Robin for a LIVE Q&A on Hay House Radio. Learn more about her new book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: the 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy Happy Kids. Replay available afterwards.

Location: TBD
Learn how to use auriculotherapy and ear seeds on your kids! Ear seeds can safely and effectively treat a wide variety of health conditions in children. Robin will show you how to apply ear seeds and how to incorporate them into your daily routine to keep your kids healthy.

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Robin will be presenting at the the IFSymposium on Practical Acupuncture Pediatrics and Treating Pediatric Allergies with TCM. Stick around after her presentations and get your copy of the book signed.

Check out my interview with Rebecca Risk as we discuss my book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids. Listen Now!

Parenting Class Replay

Use the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements to solve the parent common parenting challenges while deepening your relationships with your children. {Watch Now!}

 About Robin

Robin Ray Green is a mother of two boys, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, and a leading expert in the field of pediatric acupuncture. She holds a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California. RRobinAcu026-200obin has over ten years clinical experience helping children with asthma, allergies, and eczema heal using Chinese medicine.

A published Hay House author, Robin’s book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids, is helping transform the health and happiness of families around the world. Her popular kid’s health blog, now at, has over 1 million visitors annually and she runs a directory to connect parents to pediatric acupuncture specialists at Robin founded the Center for Advanced Acupuncture Pediatrics, which provides premier pediatric acupuncture training worldwide.

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