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Personalize your parenting to honor your child’s unique emotional and physical needs. Download the Five Element Questionnaire and Elemental Parenting Guide.


Learn How to Blend Eastern and Western Medicine

We believe in using all forms of medicine to help nurture healthy and harmonious families.
Explore the categories below for tips on building your wholistic medicine kit.

Natural Remedies

Build your wholistic medicine cabinet and how to combine remedies that really work

Elemental Parenting

Discover your child’s Dominant Element and personalize your parenting to create a harmonious family life

Healthy Eating & Healthy Guts

Optimal health begins with a nutrient dense diet that supports growth, development, and a healthy gut

Acupressure & Massage

Learn to treat health issues with simple techniques that restore balance and help the body heal itself

Mindfulness & Gratitude

Incorporate daily practices to help your child find happiness and become resilient to stress.

Online Classes & Guides

Let Robin be your guide and learn how to heal your child with Chinese medicine.

Find Tips for Preventing & Treating Illness

Heal Your Child from the Inside Out (Available Oct 18th)

Nurture Healthy, Happy Kids
The 5-Element Way


Learn how to use the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements to find simple solutions for modern health and behavioral issues many children suffer from.

Fun Questionnaires and quizzes will help you understand your child's Five Element type -- Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water -- so you can create a natural healing program that is as unique as your child.

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